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AI-based monetization solution smartly matches YouTube creators and online shops. Our mission is empower all creators with modern technology to get what they really deserve.

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AI-powered platform analyzing audience behavior and interest to find best fit products

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Share offers your audience would love, and use built-in reward program for your viewers.

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Choose from thousands of verified stores. Don't limit yourself with few products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start using Adbot?

Just signup and you are in. Adbot's mission is to assist all creators. However, our algorithms will start sending you offers when you have at least 700 subscribers.

Does Adbot affect monetization with YouTube?

No! Your YouTube monetization remains yours. Adbot is an additional revenue source for you. Also, we are not an MCN, and will not cut your YouTube revenue.

What makes it different from Marketing Agencies?

We've all heard about automation and the replacement of some jobs with robots. Therefore, we believe that finding the best monetization opportunities for your channel is very well suited to machine learning.
Adbot is able to process millions of data sets when people are limited by the number of handled operations. Adbot’s algorithm learns based on your results and provides you with more profitable offers.

Do I need to grant you exclusivity?

No, we don’t ask you to sign exclusivity for serving brand deals on your channel. We know that very often agencies ask you to provide exclusive services, but we do not. Adbot is flexible. You can combine it with any other services.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

The creators are currently withdrawing the collected revenue through PayPal. We are also working to ensure that our creators can use more payout options.