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Brand deals tailored for YouTubers

Every view on your channel deserves to be monetized

Join Adbot creators and get more options to monetize your content

Meet your new virtual friend

Adbot is the personal assistant for YouTubers working with branded or sponsored content. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it processes thousands of different deals to find the best fit for you.
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AI assistant working 24/7

  • Adbot algorithms match deals precisely for your audience on YouTube.
  • Work with different brands to collect the best set of deals for your channel.
  • Run as many campaigns as you need.
  • Adbot assistant is learning with your data to ensure better results.
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Peace of mind during your monetization journey

  • Focus on your content and audience.
  • Integrate ad content on your own. Your vision is important.
  • Don't need to negotiate, follow briefs or get approvals.
  • A win-win approach for creators and brands.
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Question 1

How to start using Adbot?

Just signup and you are in. Adbot's mission is to assist creators with the monetization of their audience and views on YouTube. However, our algorithms will start sending you ad campaigns when you have at least 700 subscribers.

Question 2

Is Adbot a Multi-Channel Network (MCN)?

No, we are not an MCN. We will not cut your YouTube revenue. What's more, getting started with Adbot Personal Assistant will not affect your YouTube metrics. However, it will open up new monetization opportunities for you.

Question 3

What makes Adbot different from Marketing Agencies?

Adbot is an internet service that provides creators with a personal virtual assistant. We've all heard about automation and the replacement of some jobs with robots.

Therefore, we believe that finding the best monetization opportunities for your channel is very well suited to machine learning. Adbot is able to process millions of data sets when people are limited by the number of handled operations. Adbot’s algorithm learns based on your results and provides you with more profitable offers.

Question 4

Do I need to grant you exclusivity?

No, we don’t ask you to sign exclusivity for serving brand deals on your channel. We know that very often agencies ask you to provide exclusive services, but we do not. Adbot is flexible. There are no contracts and no commitments. You can combine it with any other services and decide where and how often you integrate Adbot deals to your videos. As many as you need.

Question 5

How do I calculate the revenue with Adbot?

With Adbot, you have two main monetization models: view-based deals, where brands will pay you to achieve a certain number of views on your video; and revenue-sharing deals, where brands pay for converted views. This is an affiliate marketing approach, so the brand will share revenue with you on every purchase.

Question 6

How can I withdraw my earnings?

The creators are currently withdrawing the collected revenue through PayPal. We are also working to ensure that our creators can use more payout options.

Question 7

If I don’t have a YouTube channel, may I use Adbot?

Unfortunately not, Adbot only works with YouTube channels. But if you have a YouTube channel and work with other social networks, you can share your personal ref links to any other social platform to ensure that your entire audience is aware of the promo.

Win-Win deal for creators and brands

Adbot focuses on affiliate marketing. We firmly believe it’s the present and future of how brands and creators collaborate. Using machine learning technology under the hood, Adbot selects the best options to ensure the best results for all parties.
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