Learn how Adbot helps YouTubers in five simple steps

Meet your new personal virtual assistant as it provides you with branded content deals to monetize every view.

1. Sign up and activate Adbot matching.

In order to propose the most relevant campaign to you, our algorithms will process your channel data and match it with more relevant offers. After signup, you will get your personal assistant and messenger access.

2. Pick any offer you like. As many as you need.

You start to get offers from your Adbot assistant, so just pick the offer you like. There are no restrictions, only you decide how many campaigns to launch on your channel.

3. Track any activity with your personal affiliate links.

YouTube creators shoot videos and promote affiliate links through them. Adbot provides you with all the stats (like clicks, purchases, and collected income) and recommendations on how to improve the metrics.

4. Get your own landing page, spread the offers, and be rewarded.

In addition to affiliate links, you receive your landing page with all the selected offers. Create branded content, spread links, and earn rewards from brands. We focus on e-commerce. The more consistently you share links, the better your Adbot assistant becomes and the better results you get.

5. Flat Adbot fees and transparent transaction reports.

Adbot has a flat commission rate. Creators receive 75% of the platform's gross revenue. You are able to combine Adbot branded content with any other monetization tools. No extra costs, no contracts, no exclusivity.

AI assistant working 24/7

  • Adbot algorithms match deals precisely for your audience on YouTube.
  • Work with different brands to collect the best set of deals for your channel.
  • Run as many campaigns as you need.
  • Adbot assistant is learning with your data to ensure better results.
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Peace of mind during your monetization journey

  • Focus on your content and audience.
  • Integrate ad content on your own. Your vision is important.
  • Don't need to negotiate, follow briefs or get approvals.
  • A win-win approach for creators and brands.
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Meet Adbot

Get your personal Adbot assistant now for free and discover new opportunities to monetize your audience and views. Experiment with different deals, promote your own landing page, and get rewarded. Own your monetization.
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